Education on Candle Explosions .

By Dawn Bakery Candle Company · Apr 30, 2024
Education on Candle Explosions . picture

Candle explosion is referred to more as a "candle fire" that has been interrupted by an added substance (other than the elements that are "supposed" to be in the candle's composition).  When water comes into contact with wax that is melted at high temperatures, there is a reaction that causes the candle wax to splatter uncontrollably. Since the hotter area of the candle is generally the center and the wax pool becomes a little cooler as it spreads out to the edge, the hot splattering water/wax, and fire combination reaches out towards the glass container causing the candle to break or “explode.”  Here’s what happens.  The chemical reaction between the heated wax and water results in enlarged flames coming out from the already existing flame.   An exploding candle fire can happen with just a minimal amount of water and wax, so just imagine how big the explosion or fire could be it it’s used in much larger amounts.    

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