How can a lotion save lives?

Aug 17, 2023
How can a lotion save lives? picture

Ghanaians know the danger of malaria well. In 2021, there were 5.7 million confirmed cases and 275 deaths. Children under the age of five made up 1.6 million of the cases and 125 deaths. Even in non-lethal cases, infected children lose valuable time at school and sick parents lose income. But proper protection against mosquito bites can reduce the infection rate. One of these is the use of a citronella-based body lotion. The scented product repels the mosquitos as well as bed bugs, house flies, sandflies and more. The lotion is safe for all ages, even babies. Learn more about our Divine brand lotion. Protect yourself and your family with treated bed nets and repelling products and it could save a life.

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