Meet founder Doris Adoboe, working to save lives

Aug 12, 2023
Meet founder Doris Adoboe, working to save lives picture

With the relaunch of our website, we’d like to introduce our founder and CEO, Mrs. Doris Adoboe.

"My business, EXA Ventures, is a commercial social enterprise. We manufacture and sell high quality, insect repelling products such as citronella candles, lotions and cleaning products," explains Mrs. Adoboe. "But my mission is to save lives. We do this by reducing the transmission of malaria and other diseases caused by insect bites, especially for our most vulnerable, the children. This is where we get our tagline, 'Stay safe outside the net'.  We also do this by sponsoring malaria testing at schools and orphanages and by educating about malaria protection."

In addition, EXA Ventures hires, trains and mentors young women who have been rescued from trafficking. They are reintegrated through the company's malaria eradication program in various communities, with ongoing guidance. Mrs. Adoboe also participates in programs that empower women in life and business.

"When you buy one of our products you are not just buying something to enjoy yourself, but you are also contributing to the well-being of the community."

For a full description of the company and its team, go to our About Us page. 

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