Tips for using mosquito repellents effectively

Mar 23, 2023
Tips for using mosquito repellents effectively picture

In Ghana, where mosquitoes are prevalent year-round, staying bite-free is a top priority. These pesky insects not only leave itchy and irritating bites but can also transmit dangerous diseases like malaria and dengue fever. Thankfully, there are effective mosquito repellents available to keep you safe and itch-free. Our citronella-based body lotion is one of the best options to 'Stay safe outside the net'. It is safe for all ages, including babies and children, with long-lasting protection. It moisturizes the skin while it repels mosquitoes as well as house flies, bedbugs, sandflies, ticks and tsetse flies. Apply first thing in the morning and reapply every 5 hours and after bathing or showering. Don't let these nasty insects leave you itchy or ill.

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