Avoid the nuisance from Mosquitoes 🦟 and other insects 🕷
Divine citronella candle picture

Divine citronella candle

GH₵ 80
1kg brown clay candle.

*Repels  Mosquitoes, House flies , Fruit  flies and Sandflies .  *Good for  Restaurants,Hotels,Homes , and Offices. *Use indoor and Outdoor(gardens &pool sides) *Longer lasting leaving your space smelling FRESH. *FDA certified  *Recycle the empty moulds.

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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5
(based on 2 reviews)
100% Effective
Mrs Sue Hugeh on Dec 7, 2021
I bought your candle online due to a gift a received from a SHETRADE commonwealth member after visiting Ghana , and was delivered to me in Nairobi -Kenya after the third day. It works perfectly. Not even one insects around. Well done Africa, so proud of you. Please can we do business? 😀
Awww glad you like it. Yes yes we can do business. Please check your mail. Thanks 🙏
— EXA Ventures
Longer lasting and good.
Lydia on Dec 1, 2021
Burning your citronella candle in my room during lights outs protects my family from mosquito bites. I love your candles and will recommend it to every household.
Thank you 🙏
— EXA Ventures

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