Teaching the children for World Mosquito Day 2023

Teaching the children for World Mosquito Day 2023 picture

On August 18, to support World Mosquito Day today, EXA Ventures organized an educational and donation event at Potter's Village, an orphanage in Dodowa, Ghana that houses 120 children.

The event started with prayers and songs from the children, followed by a welcome from one of the senior staff. EXA Ventures CEO then presented each child with their own Divine insect repellent from her company, and reminded them how to use it and to sleep under their nets. Her company also donated drinks and snacks for everyone.

Also present was Kamini Chocolates, a partner of EXA Ventures in its charitable work. Kamini donated chocolate treats to all the children.

Several of the older boys had prepared a couple of wonderful dance routines to share with the visitors to conclude the event.

EXA Ventures has an ongoing commitment to support the children and dedicated workers and volunteers at the orphanage, focusing on protecting them from malaria and other insect-borne diseases.

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